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A Gospel for All Ages: Teaching and Preaching with the Whole Church


"Thinking about intergenerational worship? Here is the best book available. David Csinos uses educational theory, guiding principles, exercises, questions, and examples to show how communities may craft biblical messages to bring all people together. In so doing, they experience the depth of the gospel in ways everyone understands.”

          -Paul Scott Wilson, professor emeritus of homiletics, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

"Well-versed in homiletic theory, and building on his own and others’ recent research, Dave Csinos brings together his creative skills as scholar and minister with a passion for intergenerating the sermon in A Gospel for All Ages. Penned in an accessible and amusing style, yet neither shallow nor banal, this book is a treasure for students and practitioners alike.”

          -Tone Stangeland Kaufman, professor of practical theology at MF Norwegian School of Theology

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Little Theologians: Children, Culture, and the Making of Theological Meaning


"In the spirit of Robert Coles’ The Spiritual Life of Children, David Csinos engages children in four different congregations in theological conversations. He lets us hear their theological ideas and demonstrates that theological thinking occurs at a very young age."

          -Pamela D. Couture, Director, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto

"This will prove to be one of the most significant books to be published in the next ten years."

          -Ali Campbell, Youth and Children's Ministry Consultant,

"This is a must-read for everyone interested in pastoral work with children, children’s theology, and congregational development and intercultural theology"

          -Annemie Dillen, Professor of Pastoral and Empirical Theology, KU Leuven

Faith Forward, Volume 3: Launching a Revolution through Ministry with Children, Youth, and Families

"You and I must teach our children love as a force for change. This excellent volume will be our primer for these urgent times."

          -The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church, New York City

"You'll be both encouraged and challenged by every essay."

          -Andrew Root, Luther Seminary

"This book is a gift to be treasured... Don't just read it - let its words be an invitation to meet the uncertainty before us with courage and conviction."

          -Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Vanderbilt University

Faith Forward, Volume 2: Re-Imagining Children's and Youth Ministry

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about their kids and the future of Christianity."

          -Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners

"An amazing collection of compelling voices that calls us to the work of transforming the formational experiences of our children to birth life-long and life giving faith.  These luminous voices remind us that this is our work: handing our children the promise and watching it enliven them."

          -Amy K. Butler, Senior Minister, The Riverside Church

"Don’t read this book unless you are ready to hear afresh God’s vision for children and youth in our churches – and are ready to take up the challenge!"

          -Mary Hawes, National Going for Growth (Children and Youth) Adviser, Church of England

Children's Ministry in the Way of Jesus

"Finally--a design for children's ministry that actually takes children seriously! Incisive, thoughtful and creative, David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith have written a wonderful guide, packed full of constructive ideas, for fostering a 'new ecclesial culture' in which children are full and lively participants in Christian life and community."

          -Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, author of Let the Children Come and In the Midst of Chaos


"If you're ready to venture into new horizons in children's ministry, start reading. You'll find well-written chapters full of wise insight--and you'll be inspired to be part of a new era in the spiritual formation of children."

          -Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist,

Faith Forward: A Dialogue on Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity


"This is a seminal book in every sense of that word… It describes for us an entirely accessible landscape of hope and holy purpose.”

          -Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence and Emergence Christianity


“Full of light and warmth. This book is a treasure for coming generations, and present ones as well.”

          -Eboo Patel, Founder and President, Interfaith Youth Core, and author of Acts of Faith 


“A treasure trove of wisdom from leaders who share the best of what they have to offer in the quest to nurture faith and spirituality among the young."

          -Parker J. Palmer, author of Healing the Heart of Democracy and The Courage to Teach

Children's Ministry that Fits: Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Approaches to Nurturing Children's Spirituality


"David Csinos gives us practical insights and ideas to move children's ministry 'beyond one-size-fits-all.' A great resource for all those who care about the spiritual life of children."

          -John Roberto, Lifelong Faith Journal

"A foundational resource for those wanting to engage in intentional and faithful ministry with children."

          -Religious Education Journal

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